Wednesday, July 29, 2015

I've been home for about two hours now after saying goodbye.  As Scott put it after a long exhale "well no one prepares you for that!!" I went down to Scottie's room to cry on his bed only to discover Zach was already there intently studying every picture of Scottie on the wall.  I settled for sneaking out his comforter and taking it to my room.
checking in...

The gold tie is from my Grandpa Bub- on the inside is embroidered "LWSOT"- that stands for "Leland Wells Sons of Thunder"!!

last family picture for awhile

Scottie starts the missionary wave for the Pugmires.  Roman (on the left) leaves next week, David next summer....

Grammy and Grandpa (if you wonder where my "cry" face comes from...its not my mom!)

my biggest worry about today was how I was going to let go.  But I actually think I did.  Scottie let me hold on to him as long as I needed!

My favorite one... This is hard but he is going with faith!

I love you Elder Brown!  You will be a great missionary!

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