Thursday, December 17, 2015

A Long Blur

This week flew by, but it took forever to fly by.
So during the weeks when we had no time to teach anyone because of all the other stuff that was going on, we had tons of people to teach, and all of these people were making obvious progression. Now that we have time, none of our invesstigators are progressing at all, and never can visit with us. So, we did a ton of contacting this week too. So we have been pretty dang tired every night again.
That aside, this week has been awesome. Up until Firiday, every single appointment we had set up fell through. On Friday morning, we went to visit a lady from the old investigators list. I think that visit was the best visit of my entire mission. The spirit was so strong. This lady`s sister died a year ago almost to the day, and she was pretty upset and mad at God and at life. When she told us this, and tons of other trials that she is going through right now, we got exacited. That prolly sounds really wrong and messed up, but, we could tell that she was totally ready to talk to the missionaries. Anyways, every since her sister died, she has been searching to figure out why what happened happened the way it did. She has talked to tons of different people from many different faiths during thios last yuear, and nobody has been able to figure it out. Elder Yaques told her that we could in two weeks. Then the words spilled out of my mouthd that she can too, and that all she has to do are three simple things. 1. Watch the Christmas video the Church published 2. Read the Plan of Salvation pamphlet. 3. Read a chapter from the Book of Mormon (I don`t remember which chapter we assigned). So we made some pretty big promises, that hopfully were from the Spirit. We straight up felt like Daniel and Joseph. We felt so good after tthis lesson. It felt great to finally teach again.
Later on, that night, we went to the Fonavi (really run down apartment complex`s in Argentina). Didn`t start off too well. The lady we contacted the other week when everything went perfect basically told us she`s not interested. So that`s that. But, we were funally able to contact two less active men that live there. One who we are gonna go back to visit tomorrow, and the other we had a great lesson. He we invited him to come to church this week, and this was his response, "Oh I always come to church. Every week. I only couldn`t this week because something came up with work So of course I`ll come this Sunday." I found his answer rather interesting because in the almost four months I`ve been here, I`ve seen him in church a total of zero times. But he come though, and it was awesome to see someone finally pull through with their commitment to come to church.
I wanna testify of the goodness of God. Like the scriptures say, "God is love." I 100% testify of that, and that he is really patient. He waits for years and years and years for us to progress. Here in the mission, sometmes we get upset because we can`t see our investigators or less actives progressing at all. It really teaches patience. It made me think of my own life, and how loving Heavenly Father has waited for me to make tiny progressions. For that I am really gratefull. I love my Father in Heaven.
Elder Brown
P.S. Sorry if this email has a lot of words spelled wrong or doesn`t make sense in some parts. This computer is a hunk of junk and spazzed out in the middle of the first paragraph and I can`t really see what I am writing.

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