Monday, March 7, 2016

happy birthday to me, happy birthday tome

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me!

Well, technically my birthday is tomorrow, but, I can´t do anything tomorrow, but I can today on P-Day.

So Elder Ostler is a pretty cool guy. We get along really well. He literally has the exact same personality as my brother Zach, even more so than Elder Yaques did. He has the same sense of humor as Zach and has the same quirks as Zach does. It´s really weird sometimes how much he reminds me of him.

This week has flown by and been filled with stuff to do. Unfortunately, don´t have a ton of time to write about most of what happened. Guess I´ll just write the more significant things.

Juan José is such a capo. He has his baptismal interview next week and we are SUPER stoked! Seeing the changes the gospel and atonement have brought to this man´s life are really inspiring. At some points in my life, I have felt like it might be better to be born without the Gospel to be able to sin in ignorance and not have as high of a penalty of sin. Juan José is really opening my eyes up as to why those thoughts are so wrong. The stories he has told us of his life, and all the pain he has felt from sin, make me way grateful to have had the gospel all my life. Even though living the Gospel is a harder and higher lifestyle, it definitely is worth it, and I have seen firsthand why.

I got sick on Tuesday, just as we started division´s with our District Leader in Villa Constitución (the city where we have to go for literally everything, church, shopping, email´s, etc.). Then it started raining, and I didn´t have my rain jacket (I had my umbrella but it was way to windy to pull that out). So I was miserable and pretty out of it, not really feeling like sharing the Gospel. Then I noticed how my attitude was affecting the level of my effectiveness, and I felt bad for letting that affect my attitude and letting it drag me down. So on Wednesday after we got back from division´s, and before Elder Ostler and I went out to work, I asked him for a blessing so I could feel better and thus be able to focus better and work harder. I thought Heavenly Father would drop the cane during the blessing and tell me to get my head out of the clouds. Luckily, and very gratefully, his ways and thoughts are nowhere close to my ways and thoughts. Literally as soon as Elder Ostler said "Scott", I felt a huge wave of love just crash into me, and it didn´t stop coming during the whole blessing. It was amazing. I know that God loves us a ton. Like more than we can imagine. I am so grateful for these two years I have to be able to share this love with everyone down here. If any of you ever have doubts as to whether or not you really have a Father in Heaven who really loves you and knows who you are, I am here to tell you the answer, straight, clear, and simple: You do. He loves us a ton. I honestly can´t find words eloquent or big enough to come close to describing the love I felt, nor do I think such words exist. It´s truly amazing.

Anyway´s, that´s about it for this week. Have a good one!

Elder Brown

John 3:16

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