Friday, September 4, 2015

The Last Week

September 3, 2015

Sorry I didn't send out a group email last week, I ran out of time. These last two weeks have been sweet though.

On Tuesday, Elder Dallin H. Oaks came and spoke to us. He talked a lot about listening to the Holy Ghost during lessons and using Preach My Gospel. He also gave us three teaching tips, and when an apostle gives some teaching tips, it's prolly a good idea for missionaries to listen and follow their advice. His tips were: 1. Make the Plan of Salvation the foundation for all lessons. 2. Don't assume anything (meaning don't assume your investigators and others you teach to know about that you talk about, explain everything in detail.) 3. Explain the importance of keeping commitments. I also sang in the choir for that devotional, I think we sang "Lead Thou Me On" but I'm not too sure.

Our travel plans came in last Friday, we are being bused to the airport at 9:30 on Monday morning, then we are taking off at 1:30. We'll have a layover in Atlanta, and then we will arrive in Buenos Aires at 9:30 local time. So we'll be traveling for 24 hours. Ay ay ay! That's about to be so long. It's a good thing the Elder's in my district are fun, or else it would be too boring.

In similar news, my companion's VISA didn't come, so he got assigned serve to Orem Utah on Tuesday while he waits for his VISA. I personally think that really stinks. That would ruin my day. But he has been a good sport about it. Yesterday though, it seemed to really hit him that he is the only Elder in our District who has to go stateside and wait for his VISA. I feel bad, but I know there are no accidents when it comes to this sort of thing. I know the Lord has something for him there, 50 feet down the street from the MTC. I actually am kinda jealous, cuz I am terrified to go to Argentina. I'm not scared because it has the highest homicide rate out of any city in Argentina, I know the Lord will protect me if I listen to the Spirit, but I am scared because of feelings of inadequacy. But, through 1 Nephi 3:7, I know that God will provide a way. I know he has a work for me in Rosario just like he has a work for my companion in Orem.

Speaking of my companion, he had been sick for 3 weeks. So last week on Monday, he asked me to give him a blessing, so I did. I said some things along the line of "You will get better." Plus some more things that I didn't write down and can't remember. Two cool things happened because of that. The first, when I was giving him a blessing, the words that I was being inspired to say were coming to me in Spanish, but I said them in English because a friend of his was there too, who was learning Mandarin and didn't know a lick of Spanish. Second, on Wednesday, when we were teaching our TRC investigator about the Restoration, he bore his testimony about the truthfulness of the restored Gospel and the priesthood. She must have really liked what she heard, and felt the Spirit, because she asked us to give her a blessing too. It was awesome. I don't remember any of what my companion said during the blessing, I just know that she had tears in her eyes when we finished. So she must have really felt the Spirit during the blessing.

My next email will come from Argentina! ¡Hasta luego!

Élder Brown

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