Monday, November 23, 2015

November showers bring December flowers

I seem to have some memory of learning the seasons in elementary school with some trick "April showers bring May flowers" (which really confused an Arizona boy like me, because in Az, there isn´t rain nor are there flowers). But down here, it would be "November showers bring December flowers". It has rained 13 out of the last 14 days, literally. The only day it didn´t rain, thankfully, was P-Day last week.

Been hailing too. Hail here is a lot bigger than the hail in Arizona. Still doesn´t top the softball sized hail I got during the year I lived in Texas, but hail here is about the size of ping pong balls. Pretty solidly sized.

We moved this week. We had one of the worst pensh´s in the entire mission, and, now, we have one of the best. It is in a an apartment building. Not too high up. 3rd floor (I guess 4th, but, in Argentina the don´t count the main floor as a floor), which is perfect for the view. We get a view that is higher than all the houses, and a bit higher than all the trees, so we can see the hole town from our balcony. The day we moved started off a beautiful day. Not a cloud in the sky. When we helped the other Elder´s move, the clouds started coming in. As soon as (not an exaggeration in the least) we put the last thing in their new pensh, it started to rain. And not just rain, it was dumping, hail was coming down too. Pouring harder than anything I´ve seen in Arizona. More rain than any monsoon. And it was our turn to move. So, we drove to our dumpy old pensh, (which is surrounded by dirt, which was now mud with an inch of water over the mud) and began to carry our things through the downpour of rain and hail. I have no clue how our stuff didn´t get damaged at all. Our new pensh got all dirty. But it´s a lot easier to clean this new one and keep it clean cuz it´s not surrounded by dirt. Really the only downside is that we don´t have electricity. And won´t for two or three more weeks. So I don´t think I´ll get to enjoy it with electricity, cuz this upcoming week is transfer week, and, based on some things an AP told my comp, and the finance clerk of the mission told me, I am pretty sure I am going somewhere else. But, the Lord has blessed us with a lot of cool weather and rain and wind, when, normally, it would be super hot at this time of year.

Spent a whole day doing this thing called Tramitres. Was super boring. We just sat around for hours to sign 3 pieces of paper to say that we are here legally.

Had stake conference. 2 members of the 70 came to reorganize the stake. That was pretty cool to be there as a missionary to see two of the 70 come and give council specific to 500 active members of the church.

GOT FED FOUR DAYS IN A ROW! It doesn´t matter that one of these times was the mission office giving us food, that is a new record since I left the MTC. So awesome to actually get fed. This must be something similar to what stateside missionaries feel.

Pretty much everyone in town knows us. It´s pretty sweet. We´ll be walking past a construction site, and everyone will stop what they´re doing to say hi to us. Or someone will be driving by, and will wave and yell "Hola chicos!" "Hey kids!" Not many people are interested in the Gospel, but like the two Mormon boys that say hi to everyone.

Remember that man I emailed about last week that scared me into keeping all the commandments for the rest of my life? Well, he is really teaching me something more. He is teaching me that everyone can change. That God loves each and every one of us and wants us to return to him. His crippled state has taught him humility, the hard way. And he has commited to baptism and told us he will do anything he can to grow closer to the Lord and will keep any commandment that the Lord gives. Woah. I was way wrong about this guy. I stand 100% corrected. He wants to always feel the love of God that is available through the Restored Gospel. So, I invite all of you that already have it, to enjoy it. To use and feel it to the fullest extent possible. Do all you can to extract every last drop of the never-ending happiness the Gospel of Christ has to bring. Also to not judge people, in my mind, I marked this man as a man who would not want anything to do with us. Wrong. The Lord knows his sheep. He knows all of us perfectly. Luckily, this man´s friend who we are teaching didn´t give up on him, and told us to go visit him again. So we did. And I learned a lot.

That´s all I got I got for this week. Well, also that real Chinese food is not nearly as good as Panda Express.

Elder Brown

John 10: 14

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