Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Why aren´t we preaching?

Isabel got baptized!
Worlds smallest bananas, that taste like little banana candies

Modeling photoshoot awaiting the bus in Arequito
Why did the chicken cross the road?

To get away from the geese!

Backflips in the mission home and a well timed selfie

I feel like as a missionary, the thing I do the least, is preach. Totally contradictory to any perspective I´ve ever had to missionary life before, but, I feel like we don´t spend a whole lot of time preaching. I´ll explain why (it´s not just because we´re super lazy).

Monday- P-Day. Usually only proselyte for 3 hours, but, we did some service for 30 min, and after that we had to go to Rosario to make it on time for Interviews with President on Tuesday morning. We would have left in the morning, but, the only bus that would get us there on time leaves before we wake up. So we just headed out the night before.

Tuesday- Interviews with President and various meetings with the AP´s and President. We weren´t able to leave until 2, the bus left at 3:30, and we got back to Casilda around 5. So we only had four hours to work.

Wednesday- Normal day, actually had time to work.

Thursday- Weekly planning. Chao to the opportunity to proselyte in the morning. And we had to postpone our studies until the afternoon, so chao afternoon. We could only proselyte from 6-10 pm.

Friday- We went to a "pueblito" (little town) that is in our area. (Apparently we have tons. Who knew?) Something I learned about the buses for these pueblitos, they are never remotely on time. The schedule said it left at 5:30. It showed up at 6. The family we were planning on meeting at 6 had already left by the time we got there at 6:40 (we couldn´t call them because we aren´t allowed to go out with our phones cuz so many people rob missionaries for cell phones). So we went contacting for an hour, and went back to the bustop for the "7:45" bus. Showed up at 8:10. When we got back at 8:45, we had to go to a meeting with our new Unit Mission Leader (Casilda doesn´t have a ward or branch, we have a Unit, the smallest group there is.) We were actually pretty excited for this because he is the first Mission Leader here in Casilda. So we proselyted/ preached in the morning for 2 hours, and in the evening for 1.

Saturday- All morning, service. All afternoon, prep for baptism. Evening, baptism. Night, surprise dinner appointment.

Sunday- Normal Sunday. Which means we went to church from 9-12, our lunch appointment bailed, and in the evening we taught two lessons.

Monday- P-Day Especial en la casa de la misión (Special P-Day in the mission home). We were there from 9 am- 6:30 pm. Got back to Casilda at 8:45. Had 45 minutes to proselyte.

I don´t think it´s an accident that the mission life works like this though. The Lord understands that we are doing everything we can, and is blessing us for it. Here´s some very few ways:

Monday- Not a whole lot happened, but, we did our best to the best of our ability, and we had the spirit so strongly, and we laughed more than we usually do. Also, we were able to safely travel through Rosario (city with the highest homicide rate in all of Argentina, which is really saying something because in Santa Fe it´s a rare occasion to not hear gunshots multiple times a day) at night. The most dangerous thing that happened was certain women on the streets trying to attract our attention.

Tuesday- Taught some Golden Investigators. A member finally gave us a reference, and these people are so ready. They ask questions that are more than perfect. For example, when we were teaching the Restauration, when we explained the Apostasy, the husband asked "And how has the true church been brought back?" They even gave us a reference too. He´s not so golden, but taught me a lesson I feel like I should share.

The Word of Wisdom and Law of Chastity are there to protect us, literally. This guy has more health problems than I can count. His liver had ruptured the day before, and wasn´t anything out of the ordinary. He used to drink all day every day. His eyes are straight yellow, and is missing several teeth because he used to smoke a ton. He can´t walk becuase of (not too sure I understood this right) various diseases that accompany not living the law of chastity. He was juntado (living with someone w/o being married) seven times. He is always in and out of the hospital. So he basically scared me into living all the commandments (word of wisdom and law of chastity especially) for the rest of my life. And I implore all of you to do the same. Believe me when I say, that you do not want to end up like this man.

Wednesday- Had lunch! Felt like the Isarealites when they came out of the desert! Our lunch appoinment didn´t bail and fed us a ton of fried chicken, fries, and intestines (which are actually really really good)! Also taught 2 lessons to less active families who are super humble, and the spirit told us to take totally different approaches than we had planned. And the spirit was super strong and bajó la caña to one family a bit. But it still was an awesome feeling.

Thursday- Visited with the golden family again. The spirit testified a ton about the Plan of Salvation, and, once again, they asked more than perfect questions. The told us they wanted to attend the baptism Saturday and church on Sunday, and we hadn´t even invited them. They just felt the spirit telling them to do it. Leaving was tough though, literally. It had rained a ton that morning, and they live in the ghetto area of town, which is all dirt roads. Which, after rain, are swamp roads. At 9:30 at night, without streetlights, we were trying to slush our way through the swampy roads. My comps shoes broke haha. So he was basically walking barefoot through a swamp.

Friday- Dogs down here pee on whatever they want that isn´t moving. Which, apparently means other dogs. We went running in the morning, and saw our neighbors dog walk up to our neighbor´s other dog, lifted up his leg, and just let loose on the other dog. Which just sat there and took it. Haha didn´t even flinch. Anyways, when we went to Arequito, we just went contacting and found a family. I don´t know what will become of them, but, it was sweet to find a family.

Saturday- Had a baptism and a dinner. Which was sweet. The meat they gave us was more fat than meat, but it was still free food.

Sunday- We had planned to go to Rosario early to make it on time for P-Day especial, but, we couldn´t because the Zone Leader´s had already told other Elder´s they could stay there. So, we went to visit less active family, and taught a lesson on cleanliness. Before Sunday, I had never, not once in my life, ever borne my testimony on cleaning. But we did as the spirit directed, and really touched the mother who is going through a rough time with her family (who wasn´t there so we taught her on her front porch). It was both comical and spiritual.

Monday- P-Day Especial. Had a blast. Apparently, there´s a tramp inside the mission home. Like, what?! That´s so sick! Had a pretty good time doing flips and (not at the same time) eating about 20 chorizos.

Anyways, I testify that God only gives us commandments to bless us, and that he really wants to. But, he can´t interfere with our agency. He wants to bless us, and will, but only if we choose to follow the commandments. He truly loves. Please keep the commandments, all of them, so he can bless you.

Elder Brown

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