Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Us with Juan and his girlfriend. Prolly the two coolest people in Casilda

Saying bye to pres

Elder Brown and Elder Ostler

So 6 months of service came to an end in Casilda. That was a really fast 6 months and I will really miss the people in Casilda. My new area is a city even smaller than Casilda. The whole city is smaller than the neighborhood San Tan Ranch. It´s about a mile long and a quarter mile wide. We are in the middle of nowhere, and there isn´t any unit of church there. We have to take a bus to another city to go to church. It´s gonna be pretty interesting. My new comp is Elder Ostler. He´s from Virginia. He played a lot of soccer before the mission so Argentina was a great place for him to get called to.

So it was a really interesting week to finish off my time in Casilda.

As the title suggests, we exorcised. Without going into too much detail, a lady in the ward called us and told us her friends sister was in the hospital and her friend wanted a blessing for her sister. So, we went and wound up exorcising. The elder´s in Casilda are gonna start teaching the Mom who was really interested and felt really good when we were there.

Had a great lesson with Juan Acosta and his girlfriend (I´m still not quite sure what her name is). The first time we taught them, the spirit told me that they would get baptized, but I wouldn´t be there when that happened. This lesson that prompting got reaffirmed, that they will get baptized, even though they have doubts about getting baptized. I´ll definitely miss teaching them.

One thing the Branch Pres in Casilda does, is the last night before a Casilda missionary leaves, he invites the missionaries over for dinner and then dumps flour on them when they least expect it. I, having seen this happen to many missionaries, was not about to just stand there and let him freely dump flour on me. So, I came prepared. I brought my own package of flour. When we went outside to take pictures (almost 100% of the time this is where he dumps flour on the missionaries), I reached into my bag to grab the flour. He didn´t suspect a thing. I am sure he thought I was looking for my camera. The look of surprise on his face when I whipped out a bag of flour and the flour came flying out of the bag on him was priceless. Prolly my proudest pranking moment ever.

Had a great first day in Empalme yesterday. Taught some BOMB lessons to some new investigators. One guy (who looks just like an Argentine Kevin James) told us he never let´s missionaries in his house, and doesn´t really know why he did this time but just feels really interested in our religion right now. Another lady, whose parents recently died, totally opened up to us and we had a great lesson. With her, there were several times when I felt like the lesson was missing something, and a thought would come to my mind about a question I should ask her, or a comment I should make. Every time, she would answer the question without being asked it or my comp would make the comment. It was really sweet.

Also, Elder Walker and I dropped a lot of cane this last week. That always brings a really strong spirit.

I hope you all have had a great week, I know I have.

Elder Brown

Alma 5:16&22

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