Monday, May 9, 2016

Good Week

Really good week. Started it off making some AMAZING banana bread. Too bad it was made with wheat flour, because, not to be prideful or anything, we made some really good banana bread. Either that or I just haven´t really eaten anything flavorful in a while. 

Found a lot of new investigators, all of which are really awesome:

La Pandilla. Three 15 year old guys. Eusebio Locícero, Mauricio, and Jeremías. We met Eusebio on Sunday night on the way back to the pensh. It was time to be done working for the day, and so we started heading back. On the way back, we saw this high school kid, and, for some reason, I just started talking to him. He invited us to stop by his house on Wednesday at 5. We went on Wednesday at 7:30. We had some complications earlier in the day with some meetings, so we were late. Turns out, he doesn´t get out of school on Wednesday until 6 anyways, so it worked out in our favor. Apparently, all of his friends always go to his house everyday after school. When we showed up, most had already gone home, but there were still a few stragglers. We started teaching just Eusebio, but slowly all his friends (there was about 5 or so) trickled out of the other room and listened and talked to us too. A few had to go home or go run errands for their mom´s. In the end, we taught Eusebio, Mauricio, and Jeremías. All three accepted a baptismal date. All three accepted a copy of the Book of Mormon. All three had read when we went back on Saturday. Unfortunately, none came to church yesterday. But, we´ll get them there next week.

The Córdoba fam. Family of 5. Adrian and Laura (parents), Facundo (16), Gastón (14), and Sara (3). Also on Sunday night, I felt like we had to go to a certain neighborhood. So, we started going. Along the way, Elder Ostler suggested we stop at a certain house of some Former Investigators. So we did. They invited us to come back the next night. We went back. When we got there, they looked super pumped to see us, and excitedly invited us in. We started teaching the Restoration, and the dad asked us to pause for a second cuz he had to go check on the asado. We didn´t think anything of it, we thought they were gonna just eat afterwards, until he brought the asado back in with him. It was awesome! The family is golden! They invited us to come back on Tuesday for another asado! They´re sweet!

Villega fam. The fam of Griselda Correa. Sweet people. There´s 11 of them. But only 5 are new investigators (Jorge already is an investigator, Griselda´s a member, and there´s a few kids under the age of 8). Really hilarious kids. All love us. Nobody in the family can read very well. They do their scripture reading commitments by having the daughter read out loud and they all listen.

Anyways, life is good and time is short and very limited. Every week seems to fly by faster and faster. Sorry I didn´t write a whole lot. Like I said, time´s very limited.

Elder Brown

1 Nephi 3:7 (really common and well-known and over-used, but, it´s really good)

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