Monday, May 23, 2016

Sante Fe

That old guy is Domingo 

That massive pot was totally full of popcorn. Literally popped a full kilo of kernels
So first off, shout out to my cousin David Pauole for getting called to the second coolest mission: Argentina Sante Fe. That mission recently got split off from mine, so that´s why it´s the second. He almost got the coolest.

In other news, from the coolest mission, we had a less active come to church who we literally have been visiting for 3 months, and every week she say´s she´ll come, and she finally showed up! Hna. Gutiérrez finally came! And the best part, when she showed up, everyone in church went nuts and went over to greet her! I honestly have never seen that happen, even in the states. If someone you don´t recognize show´s up to church, go say hi to them. You never know if it´s someone who hasn´t been in years and is super nervous to be back. And, even if it is someone who is in your ward that goes every week, at least you´ll make a new friend.

On Saturday we had a ward mission activity. Our Ward Mission Leader got sick, so it was basically a missionary activity. We made TONS of popcorn and watched Meet the Mormons. Actually had a pretty decent turn out. Aside from the 6 missionaries, we had a solid 4 people show up. It was a pretty sweet activity.

So I don´t know how many of you remember me talking about Liliana and Domingo, but, as it turns out, Domingo is a professional swimmer and swam in the Olympics one year. Who knew?

My mouth has gotten super wimpy. Elder Pendleton (our district leader) made us some "spicy" food (prolly the equivalent of medium salsa in Chipotle), and I was dying after three bites. I drank soooo much water. I don´t think my mouth has hurt that much since I ate a Ghost Wing Pepper in Buffalo Wild Wings. Here in Argentina, nobody eats anything spicy, and so I´ve gotten kinda wimpy.

Testimony got strengthened that there are people getting prepared everywhere always. On Monday we ran into one of our old investigators in the street, and he told us they can´t meet with us right now (his wife is super pregnant and kinda sick because of it), but are still reading the Book of Mormon, and he takes the pamphlet´s to work to read when he goes on break. So that got me really excited.

Anyways, this internet café is about to close for the siesta. Hope you all have a great week!

Elder Brown

Alma 26:37

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