Monday, August 15, 2016

Burning spiritual warts

This week was a good week.
Two weeks ago, I burned off the wart that was on my finger. It hurt, a lot, like, really really bad. This last week, God burnt off many, many, many spiritual warts, which hurt even worse. But, just as my finger looks  and feels a lot better without the wart, so does my spirit too feel much better without the warts that I didn´t even know where there.
This week we started teaching a guy named Julian Zepeda. He has a had a tough life. When he was in high school, he found out that the man who raised him his whole life wasn´t his dad, and that his real dad died of diabetes before he was born. As a result, he turn to drugs, and has a pretty serious addiction. He wants to change though, and when we shared a scripture with him from the Book of Mormon he said "What does one have to do to get ahold of one of those books?" Obviously, we then gave him one, saying it was free, and he looked happier than a pig in mud. He commited to get baptized the 17th of September, and I hope he makes it to that day.
I have learned a lot about the nature of God, and of how amazing the Atonement and repentance are. I was sad when I left Empalme, and now, I am very grateful to have been sent to Venado Tuerto.
Hope you all have a great week! I would write more, but, I had to do some things for Pres. Zanni and didn´t keep very good track of time, and the lady who owns this internet café is kicking us out.
Elder Brown
Abraham 3:17-19
Cookies are delicious, but, they have a very steep price

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