Monday, October 17, 2016

Happy Mother´s day!

Yesterday was Mother´s day here. Visited some people and I think I started to realize for the first time truly how much mother´s love their children. Made me super grateful for my sweet mother. Wish I would have realized that at home.

I love Argentina. The people here are sweet.

We started teaching a huge family this week, the Vera fam. They have 7 kids, and another on the way. The oldest kid is 15, so, their hands are pretty full. The mom didn´t finish 2nd grade, so, it´s hard for her to understand when we teach, or when we talk in general. So we have to teach the same part like 3 times for her to understand. But, once it clicks, it´s locked in. They´re pretty awesome.

Found a couple last night. We were clapping doors looking for a certain Potencial Investigator named Noelia, and we clapped at one house, Elder Cook started talking, and the guy had no idea what Elder Cook was saying. I figured it was just because Elder Cook was talking wrong or something, so I started talking, and the words just didn´t flow. The poor guy had no idea what to say. He started to say he couldn´t talk to us or whatever, when his girlfriend told him to let us in. She is an English student and heard our accents and wanted to talk to us. We went in, and the gift of tongues kicked back on. I think it turned off for a bit when we first started talking so his girlfriend would let us in. Guess who his girlfriend is? Noelia! We hit it off real well with them. They have plans to get married and told us that they would invite us when everything is ready. That was sweet. Their names are Noelia and Martín. Hopefully we can help them get baptized!

Love you all!

Elder Brown

Check out this video:

Sorry I didn´t send any pics this week, this computer won´t let me.

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