Tuesday, October 4, 2016

La búsqueda

So, Elder Cook and I were both pretty under the weather this last week. We took advantage of our time in the pensh though and I organized the area book (took 3 hours, no one had organized since January 10th), and he made the map. This was Monday, when we weren´t super dead.

Tuesday, we were gonzo. In bed all day. Watched a lot of movies (all with the seal of the church), and slept.

Wednesday, felt better, but, had to stay in anyways to follow the doctors orders.

Thursday, same as Tuesday.

Friday, we felt better.

We dropped a bunch of investigators this last week, and will drop more today. So, we are looking for new investigators for now. I still have seen the Lord´s hand in the work, even though most of our investigators have not wanted to go to church and we have had to drop them.

We got a new branch president. He reminds me a lot of my uncle Chris. He´s super loud and funny. He´s also got a really clear vision of how a ward should be, and wants to take our branch from being a branch, to being a ward. He´s got a ton of good ideas and I am super excited to work with him.

¡Los quiero!

Elder Brown

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