Monday, February 20, 2017


Weird title no? I shall explain.

This week, I broke my mission PR (for those not familiar with track or similar sports, it means "Personal Record"). We started this last week with 5 people commited to baptism. During this last week, we commited 6 more to baptism. Hence, we now have 11. #milagrazcuénaga in English #miraculouzcuénaga

Federico Sánchez- amatuer soccer player. We met him, he let us in, and after a 7 minute conversation (he only had 9 minutes), he said he would pray and ask God if he should get baptized. On Sunday (yesterday), he sent us a text saying that he still hadn´t recieved an answer but he would keep praying, reading, and asking. We will swing by tomorrow.

The Vasquez family(6)- continue progressing. They didn´t go to church yesterday because their mom was sick and we, as missionaries, can not escort children.

The Blanco family(3)- continue progressing. We they learned that to be baptized, one has to be married or single, Juan closed off a bit. We will continue to work with and pray for them.

Silvio Barrio- brother of a super active family. He is 45. He told us at the begining of the lesson to not even try to convert him, because not even his family could do it and he was just letting us him because he has a cousin serving in mission in Brazil and it would be tough serving a mission and no one letting you in. Then we asked what he thought of the Book of Mormon. He told us he didn´t like it very much because he didn´t understand the role of Joseph Smith. So, we taught him the message of the Restoration, and why it is so important to have a living prophet, and the story of the first vision. At the end, he said "Wow, that makes so much more sense. Truth is, I always wanted to be baptized, but, I never understood anyting about Joseph Smith, and never had the guts to ask either."

Being a missionary is awesome, I totally 100% recommend it to anyone who is considering it.

Elder Brown

Alma 39:16 (it is super, super awesome to be called to this ministry)
 16 Y este fue, hijo mío, el ministerio al cual fuiste llamado, para declarar estas alegres nuevas a este pueblo, a fin de preparar sus mentes; o más bien, para que la salvación viniera a ellos, a fin de que preparen la mente de sus ahijospara oír la palabra en el tiempo de su venida.
The final district meeting with Elder Argyle and Elder Rocha

The Elder Smith from my stake in Gilbert

My new comp, Elder Terrell

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