Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Ees Okay!

Well, we lost two baptisms. But, that´s fine, it´s better this way. What happened is the following.

Our baptism´s were going to be Santiago and Lucas Godoy, brothers of Leo Godoy, and brothers of a recently reactivated woman in the ward, Angélica. They (Santiago, Lucas, and Leo) live in another part of Rosario with their mom. We taught them in their sister´s house cuz they were always over there. When their mom found out that Leo was gonna get baptized in our ward, she got a little mad (I think it´s mostly because her ex-husband lives in our ward and he doesn´t do anything for the kids), and said she wanted the kids to get baptized in their own ward, Arroyito. Well, Leo already had had his interview, and was gonna get baptized and we had a bunch of plans ready to go and everything. So, he got baptized in our ward, but, their mother started taking Santiago and Lucas to their own ward. It is better this way for a number of reasons:
1. Leo got baptized in our ward and his dad started going to church.
2. Their mom started going to church so that her kids could get baptized and she can live with them forever.
3. Santiago, Lucas, and Leo can get the help and support from their own ward and can go to church much closer to their house, and their dad doesn´t have to spend an hour and a half to go wake them up, get them dressed, and pick them up every Sunday morning to take them to church.
4. We got to make some missionaries day when we called them and told them that they would be having two baptisms shortly. 
So, I honestly am not too dissapointed with the way things turned out.

Speaking of making days... we had another cool experience making someone´s day.

Do you remember Elder Ostler? He was my companion from February to May last year. He is from Richmond, Virginia.

We contacted a man a few weeks back, well, he contacted us. We were walking in the street, and he says to us (in English), "Hey! Where are you guys from?" And we started talking to him, and he told us he lived in the States for a few years. We set up a time to go back, another day, and we left. His name is Daniel. We went back, and found out that it was just the house of his friend, Miguel. Miguel is a super funny guy. He knows a bit of English. His favorite phrase is "It´s okay!" (but he says it "ees okay"). I used their bathroom once, and when I came out, he said "It´s okay!" I think he meant to say "You good?" From their on out, every time we have seen him, he´s said "EES OKAY!!" giving us a thumbs up. But I have digressed.

Anyways, so the second time we spoke with Daniel, we found out where he had lived. I had supposed he would have lived in Miami or New York (everyone here has a cousin living in Miami). Guess where he´s from. Richmond, Virginia. Probably the most random place I can think of for an immigrant to go. Then he told us that he lived on a street called Garzón, which is the streets that divides our area from the area of the other Elders. He told us that he lived on the other side of the street (in other words, in the other Elders area). Guess who the other Elders are? One of them, is Elder Ostler, my ex-comp from Richmond, Virginia. I got super pumped cuz I knew that when I called and told Elder Ostler, he would go nuts and just be super hyped to know that someone that lives in his area had lived in Richmond, and that is just what happened. When we called and gave him the good news, he got super excited. I love giving good news like that.

So, transfers came in. Elder Argyle got here one transfer before me, and I´ve only been here for one. So, naturally, we thought we would be together for one more transfer. Wrong! Elder Argyle left and went to a pueblito (little town) called Arrecifes, close to the city of Pergamino. All transfer long, he had expressed to me his desires to go to Pergamino and to go to a pueblito (he had been in the city of Rosario for his entire mission of one year and 2 months, a real long time to be in one city, even though Rosario is pretty big). I stayed here with Elder Terrell. Elder Terrell has been a real good friend of mine ever since my first week in Empalme of last February. We get along really well. Our senses of humor are pretty similar. We have similar ideas of how to do missionary work, and, we both like to work hard. This transfer is gonna be sick!

Elder Brown

PS - sorry I am not sending pictures.  The computer does not have a port for SD cards, and I don´t have a converter.

I forgot to add something.

Elder Terrell was just barely in my last area in Venado Tuerto. I don´t know how many of you would remember Victoria Sosa, but, she has a brother named Braian. Elder Terrell gave me some good news. Braian got baptized too! He went to Victoria´s baptism, felt the spirit, and wanted to do the same. I love being a missionary!!

 Phillippians 4:13 I can do all things through aChrist which bstrengtheneth me.

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