Monday, July 17, 2017


It snowed!!⛄ But not in San Nicolás 😔. Everyone´s saying that it snowed in Rosario, it´s too bad that I´m not up there. Oh well, this coming winter I´ll see plenty. We did see some frozen dirty water on a dirt path. Something I haven´t seen in years, since the last time I visited the cabin in in winter haha.

It´s been I while since I´ve written a good letter. I´ll do better today. But, no pics today. This computer doesn´t read any memory cards or flashdrive´s.

Looks like I´m never gonna get a hold of this language. It´s been raining a lot lately. Here, when it rains, everyone stays inside and everything shuts down. The other day, we were walking in the rain, and saw a man outside smoking. So, I contacted him. As I started talking with him, I tried to say "Even though the weather´s bad, we would like to talk to you" (or something like that, in Spanish it doesn´t sound so weird), which would be "Aunque esté feo, queríamos hablar con usted." But, what I said was, "Aunque sea feo, queríamos hablar con usted." So, what I said was "Even though you´re ugly, we want to talk to you." Hahahaha! Elder Jiménez died laughing afterwards when he pointed out my error. So, my having said "sea" instead of "esté" changed everything. Hahaha

So last Monday, we really felt the Lord´s protection. Normally, we leave at about 8:15 on Monday´s to go do P-Day things. Habitually, we go downtown to write our families, buy groceries, and look for soy milk (it´s really hard to find XP). But, when we were about to leave, I had to use the bathroom (I never have to use the bathroom so early). So, we left a little later than usual. When we got to the busstop, we realized that a bus had recently passed by (because we were the only ones there). So, we waited for about 15 minutes, and then the police blocked off the road, and sent the next bus that we were about to board down another street where buses never go. So, we went running to the side streets to catch a bus. We boarded the first we could, and the busdriver started explaining to everyone what had happened. He said that there had been a wreck just a little ways off from where we were. Sure enough, when we went by a field where we could see the wreck, there was a bus pointing a way that busses on that street shouldn´t point. I know that the Lord blessed us so that we wouldn´t be on that bus.

This last week was awesome. We found 19 new investigators, and had 13 member present lessons. It was awesome!!

Jeremías Mendoza will be baptized on Saturday. It´s gonna be sweet! It has been such a blessing to be able to help him! He, and we, are really excited for him!!!

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