Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Hace frío

The Carovana´s, one of the sweetest families I´ve ever met
So it´s pretty cold. Elder Sanchez and I had to buy gloves (and yes, they do match), and as my parents know, I hate gloves. So, for me to buy gloves, not just wear them, it would have to very cold, and it is. I guess it´s not the actual temperature that´s that cold, it´s the humidity. The humidity makes it just downright impossible to get and stay warm.

Fixing our shower box

So, the prospect of Domingo getting baptized is pretty bleak. The lady who takes care of him got mad at a member. We went over saturday morning with a member so Domingo could have a friend in the church that would support him. When we knocked on the door, the his nurse answered. We asked if he was there. She said, "No, he´s not here." later, "He´s sleeping." later, "He´s about to go with me to San Nicolás" (San Nicolás is a nearby city, about an hour or so by bus). So, the member asked which it was, whether he was getting ready to leave, sleeping, or simply not there, and she flipped out. She started insulting him and threatning to call the police (he´s the chief of police, hehe jokes on her) and whatnot. So, we left. Empalme is a small town, so everybody knows everything about everybody. Our member being the cheif of police, and us being in a small town, he literally knows EVERYTHING about EVERYBODY. He told us she is a drugaddict and basically steals Domingo´s money and is trying to sell his house so she can have more money. We also have to get her permission to baptize Domingo, so, it´s not looking like he´s gonna get baptized. Hopefully she softens her heart. Maybe we´ll just fast again.

Sorry for the depressing start. Other than the cold weather and cold hearts, things are going pretty well.

A fancy restaurant, with Coke
We had a sweet lesson with the Gutiérrez family. Our ward mission leader told us he wanted to go with us to visit them. So we did. On Friday they went to visit them with us, and we have a beast lesson. Bro. Gutiérrez is Catholic, and doesn´t want to change. Our WML was Catholic, and they hit it off. They are pretty good friends now and chat on Facebook and WhatsApp (basically a group chat/ texting app). So it went pretty well. We hope to baptize the 10 year old son, César, on the 9 of July.

Banana bread!
We pretty regularly stop by the Villegas family twice a week in the morning, and we´ve kinda felt like we´ve been running into a brick wall with them. I love them, but, they are not very intelligent. We literally repeat the same three words with them 5 or 6 times, and when we ask them what the words are, they say ".....Me mataste" which, literally, is "You killed me" which basically just means "I have no clue". But, on Sunday, we were able to talk a little bit to their 15 year old son, Rodrigo, and their 9 year old daughter, Morena. They are more intelligent. They pass their classes, they remember what we teach, and all that good stuff. We haven´t taught them in over a month (cuz they´re usually at school when we stop by), and they still remember what we taught the last time we went there. Rodrigo asked us to stop by on Wednesday at 3 in the afternoon when he´ll be there, even though that´s during the siesta. He´s willing to give up his nap time to talk with us. We hope to baptize him either the 9 or the 16 of July. We´ll see how he progresses.

The Villegas family is really teaching me a lot. They are suuuuuper poor. They literally can´t afford a heater. For their heat, they make a fire in a barrell in their "living" room. When we stopped by on Thursday, we ran into a social worker that helps them out. She asked if they had bought shampoo. She taught them how to use it right to properly wash a little kids hair (some of you may think "Is there really a proper way?" the answer is: no. according to the social worker, you get their hair wet, rub the shampoo in the hair, and then rinse, really simple). This family is making me really grateful for all the things I´ve always had that I never knew I did.

Those are just a few of the awesome things going on here. I honestly love this work and happy to be a part of it!

Elder Brown

Alma 5:27-28

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