Monday, June 27, 2016


Almost got eaten alive yesterday.

We  were knocking on doors looking for a referral that didn´t have a super clear address, and one guy that answered said "Voce fala portugues?" If you don´t speak portuguese, you have about as much of an idea of what that says as I did when I heard that. Then he came out and told us that we needed to stop bugging people so late because at that time people start going to bed (it was 6:30 pm, some people wake up from the siesta at that time, and nobody goes to bed until 11, at least). Then he asked us if we like dogs, Elder Sanchez said that he does, and I said that I´m allergic. He went off on me for about 5 min on how that´s not possible because we are all "sons and daughters of God, dogs included". Then asked if we wanted to see his dog that has been trained to kill. I opened by mouth to politely decline, repeating that I am allergic to dogs, when Elder Sanchez, who wants to be a cop, said yes. So, we went in.

He said we would be fine if we were with him. Not true. That German Sheppard was insane. It was fine with my comp, but, apparently I was wearing a jacket that looked just the the jackets the cops wear to train the dogs and they train the dogs to wreck the guy in those jackets. I thought my life was over. The guy kept trying to get me to put my hand by it´s mouth, by the little devil kept trying to bite my hand. So I wasn´t having any of that. But, he had my hand in his, and put it by the dogs face, and the dog was growling at it. Finally, he put the dog in the garage. (Un)fortunately, the guy wanted nothing to do with the church so we won´t be going back to that house.

I have learned alot about happiness this week. I learned that to make other people happy, I´ve gotta be happy first to be able to make them happy. I´ve been focusing on the making others happy part and skipping over trying to be happy myself for all my mission. I have noticed during this last week that I like being happy. And when I am happy, it´s WAY easier to make everyone else happy too.

THE GUTIÉRREZ FAMILY WENT TO CHURCH!!! César is on date to get baptized the 16 of July, and transfers are the 10th. So, I hope I don´t get transferred cuz I really wanna see this kid get baptized. He is SUCH  a stud! He reads all the assignments from the Book of Mormon that we leave him and prays every day! And, he´s 10! I might have prayed once a week when I was 10. And read the Book of Mormon even less than that. This kid is definitely an example for me, and I hope my little siblings and cousins and all that read this follow this kid´s example. I´m so stoked for this kid!

Elder Brown

Ether 12:6

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