Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Wacky Week

Gluten free banana bread!
This week was pretty nuts.

So we finally saw progress with the Villegas family, and we had set up a time to stop by on Wednesday to meet up with the kids that understand and can remember. When we went on Wednesday, there was a HUGE crowd gathered around their house, and a bunch of cops. Their less active neighbor waved us over, and told us to not go over for about a week or so. Apparently, Bro. Villegas´ nephew assaulted a 9 year old girl, and then came to Empalme and hid out in their house, and the cops found him. They were chilling outside waiting for order to break in and take him. Griselda was going nuts the whole time cuz she didn´t want her nephew going to jail. Since then, he has been thrown in jail and stabbed and beat up by the inmates. So, we are going to give them some time for things to calm down a bit before we go back.

On Sunday on our way home from church, we saw another huge crowd, this time near our pensh. There were a few women crying and a lot of people were on the phone and whatnot. We didn´t understand a lot of what was said, but, we did make out the word "gunshots" several times.

Sunday evening, all our plans failed. So, we decided to go visit a less active guy who lives in a neighborhood that is really unproductive. On our way, I saw a lady standing by her front window, and shouting from inside. I thought maybe it was joking until I saw the lights flipping on and off, and saw a man inside hitting the walls. She booked it out of her house holding her 1 year old daughter, closely followed by her husband. She booked it to our side of the street, and he jumped in the car, and peeled out. When he turned, he lost control for going too fast on a dirt road and almost flipped. He ended up facing his wife, and gunned it, right at her. She sprinted as fast as she could to get out of the way, and did. He peeled out of the neighborhood. She ran back in her house. We went over to see if there was something we could do to help out. We shared a scripture, and found out her name is Mauru and her daughter´s name is Angelina (pronounced how and English speaker would say it). We are going back tomorrow (wednesday) to try to teach and help her out.

This week I have felt the spirit really strong, and, aside from these crazy events, we have seen a lot of progress here in Empalme, and we hope it continues.

Elder Brown

Alma 37:35

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