Tuesday, November 29, 2016

One More Door

Saturday July 30th was tough day. Elder Sousa and I taught probably the two best lessons I have ever taught in my entire mission. SUPER strong spirit in both lessons, and yet, both people straight up rejected the message of the Restoration. The rest of the day was spent contacting, with ZERO success. We got the worst rejections that day than any other day of my mission. At 8:50, we were about 10 minutes from the pensh, and started heading home. At 8:55 more or less, we saw a family in the street, and I thought "I should contact them." Then I thought "No, but we´ll get home late, and they probably won´t be interested anyways. They´re probably Roman Catholic and don´t want anything." I felt then really strongly that I should contact them, and I thought, "Why not? I´ll give it a shot." I gave it a shot, and the dad, named Sebastian, said he would go to church the next day. He showed up with half an hour left in the last hour of church. We found out that he lived in another area, and sent his address to our Zone Leader to send it to the corresponding Zone Leader or area or wherever it had to go, and I forgot about Sebastian.

We had a District Conference (there is no Stake in Venado Tuerto) this weekend, and, on Saturday I met a ton of members from other Branches in the District. On Sunday morning, a short man came up to me and asked me if I remembered him. I recognized him, but, did not remember him, and figured it was a member a I had met on Saturday. He told me he had gone to that church building about a month and a half before, but currently goes to another branch. I then remembered this man and where I had met him. I had met him about a month and a half before, after a long and very dissappointing Saturday in July, and I had not seen him since he showed up late to the church services on Sunday July 31st. I was talking to Sebastian. He informed me that he had been talking to the missionaries for the last several weeks, gone to church a few times, and on Saturday, he will be getting baptized. I was speechless. I felt soooooooooooooo happy and joyful and glad and grateful and excited. He thanked me for talking to him that day and told me he had had some doubts that week about his church and my talking to him led him to the church that has all the answers. He kept thanking me and saying "Thanks to you, this all started. Thank you so much." I am so grateful to have been a part of this man´s conversion process. On Saturday, the 17th of September, he got baptized. In October, his daughter got baptized. And Saturday the 12th of November, his wife got baptized. My attitude towards street contacts has totally changed. I used to just think of them almost as a chore, now, I view them as a priviledge to help out my brothers and sisters. I testify that if we give it ALL we got, and then, a little more, that God will bless us with miracles. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

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