Monday, January 9, 2017

Rap battles and aliens

This week was plain awesome. I loved it. It was hard. I was so far out of my comfort zone. I learned a lot though. Something I am really seeing is that the more fun I have, and the more I push myself out of my comfort zone, the more progress I see.

So you are all probably wondering what my title means. I shall explain.

We got a hold of the ward list, and have been visiting a bunch of people, or at least trying to.

We went to visit a less active family, with the last name of Barrios. We got there, and Elder Argyle goes "Oh, here? I heard that these people are SSSSUUUUUUPPPERRRR inactive, and when they went to church, they wouldn´t do anything. Let´s try though." WE clapped, and a little girl came out. We told her to go get her parents, she went back inside, and came back out. She said "What do you want?" And we said that we were missionaries and wanted to meet her parents. She went back inside, and we thought that she was about to come back out and tell us to come back another day. Instead, a 18 year old kid, came out, unlocked the gate, and let us in. We had a sweet lesson, and started teaching a friend of theirs, who´s named Eric Rivero, and raps. At the end of the lesson, when I was talking to the mother to set up another appointment, Elder Argyle asked Eric and the older sons "What kind of music do you like?" They said "We like rap," and I said, "Elder Argyle is a really good rapper" haha I totally threw him under the bus (I didn´t realize in the moment), and they started trying to get him to rap. He gave in, after a bit of persuading, and sang the McDonald´s Drive Thru rap. Haha it was really funny. They didn´t understand a word and went nuts. Then Eric sang us one of his songs that he wrote for his depressive brother. It was honestly really good and interesting to hear.

On Sunday, a man dressed up in all black showed up to church. Leonardo is his name. He asked us to stop by his house and teach him because he wants to get baptized. We were super pumped to be able to teach him. Super pumped, that it, until we found his teaching record, and saw that an Elder had written "Has mental problems. Recieve permission from Pres. Zanni before passing by." We called Pres. Zanni, and he said the following "Is he the man with a bunch of tattoos?" "Yes" "Does he say weird things and give off a strange vibe?" "Yes" "Don´t go to his house. He is insane. He thinks he is from another planet, and is part of a superior species of humans." And explained how this man is crazy and can´t get baptized. Not gonna lie, it was hard not to laugh out loud when I heard Pres Zanni say this guy thinks he´s an alien. Poor dude though, can´t get baptized. God understands though.

We started teaching three brothers of a recently reactived sister in the ward. Their names are Leonardo (16), Lucas (13), and Santiago(10) Godoy. They all went to church on Sunday and will be getting baptized on the 28th of this month. I love my new area!!!

My comp lent me a talk titled "People on Other Worlds". It really put things in perspective and made me really realize how insignificant we as human beings are. Then I started thinking about how incredible God´s love is. He has created SSSOOOOOOOOOO many things, and has SSSOOOOOOOOO many kids, but, he would still do ANYTHING to have ANY SINGLE ONE of us return to his presence. It is really amazing how much a being so perfect can love people so imperfect and be so patient with us. I truly stand all amazed.

Elder Brown

Moses 1:39
 For behold, this is my awork and my bglory—to bring to pass the cimmortality and deternal elife of man.
Next week, I´ll include fotos

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