Monday, April 3, 2017

General Conference Weekend

General Conference was awesome. It was by far my favorite. I learned alot. Especially about humility, even though it was a topic that wasn´t spoken of very much. I will include links to two of my favorite talks.

We had ward council, and it was the best ward council meeting that I have ever gone to. My comp said that it was pretty bad by comparison with the others when Bishop is there. He has been out of town for the last two weeks. They´ve been in Utah, visiting Park City, Salt Lake etc. and went to the conference center to watch conference. I´m excited to meet this guy when he gets back.

The Mir family is doing great. Pablo was sick when we went to visit them this week, but Noelia and Ivan are doing great! Supposedly, they watched the Sunday Afternoon session of conference with Noelia´s parents. I sure hope that their internet was working (we had a storm yesterday, and lot´s of people lost their internet) because Elder Joaquín Costa gave a great talk that I think would really speak to them.

We had a frank chat with some eternal investigators, and they started to show true intent. They started really listening to us, and reading the Book of Mormon. They are a young couple with two young kids. The best part? THEY¨RE ALREADY MARRIED!!!! So we won´t have to have that talk with them, and we won´t have to overcome that stumbling block. They are the Acevedo family. Their names are Diego (26), Nadia (22), and I can´t remember the names of their two and five year-olds.

¡Los quiero mucho!

Elder Brown

Remember the Godoy´s? Well, they live in my new stake, and I saw them in the church during general conference. It was awesome to see that they are still active and going strong.

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