Monday, July 4, 2016

Sick Week!

Some taco pizza (tasted like the meatball marinara from Subway),

mashed potatoes and an omelet

Had a pretty sick week! In both senses of the word.

Got "farangitis", no clue what that is in English, it´s not in my Spanish-English dictionary nor in Google Translate. Nothing serious, just a little annoying. The doctor gave me some pills that taste and look like those bottle cap candies. So, I can´t really complain.

But, a lot of "sick" things happened.

Firstly, we had a rather humorous (idk if that´s spelled right, I don´t have English spellcheck) contact last night. We contacted a 50 year old man. We asked him if he believes in God. This was his response, "Yes I do. I´ve seen him. I saw the Saint of Death, Jesus, and the devil. I saw all three of them when I got shot. The Saint of Death was excited to see me. Jesus was wearing a white robe with a yellow belt and yellow sandals. The devil told me to shoot back at the guy, and Jesus told me not to. So I didn´t." His breath reeked of alcohol. He was from Rosario so we passed his address and phone number to the Rosario Zone Leader´s. The Elder´s over there are gonna have a fun time trying to teach about the Restoration and the First Vision.

On Saturday night, I felt like if I were to get transferred this week, I would like to speak in sacrament meeting before I left. After I thought that, I totally forgot about it. Yesterday was fast and testimony meeting. I still had forgotten about it. Then an Elder got up to bear his testimony, and I remembered what I had thought the night before, and remembered what I felt like I had to share. So, I got up and shared it, and felt the spirit testify through me, and I felt really peaceful about my time in Empalme. I really wanna baptize here, but, I felt like if I go next week, it´ll be fine, cuz I´ll have given my all for the time I was here, even if I don´t baptize. I would definitely prefer baptizing to leaving next week, but, I feel tranquilo.

Found a bunch of new investigators this last week, and 3 of them accepted a baptismal date. So, we are hoping to have at least 1 baptism this month. It will be the first in two years here in Empalme. Pretty excited and hopeful!

Hope you all have a great week!

Elder Brown

Doctrine and Covenants 18:15-16

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