Monday, July 18, 2016

A baptism the first week is a pretty good start

A baptism the first week in an area is always a fantastic way to start. I wish it would happen to me. The sisters have been teaching a Brazilian guy named Douglas (I too was surprised to meet an Argentine from Brazil named Douglas). And he got baptized on Saturday. One of the sisters is brand new to the mission, got here on Wednesday, and on Saturday, she got a baptism. Elder Sousa baptized him. I think that Douglas chose him because Elder Sousa is Brazilian and they always talk in Portugues (I´m not sure if that´s how it´s spelled in English). So she got a pretty dang good start.

Ate asado twice last week. The Sister´s in the Branch weren´t too sure what to make without lactose or gluten, so, we got asado twice. Unfortunately, I didn´t have my camera with me either time.

We got a few sick investigators. One in particular is Freddy (Federico but goes by Freddy). He´s a 23 year-old student who reads the Book of Mormon like crazy. He met the missionaries like two weeks ago and has already read 1 Nephi, 2 Nephi, and Jacob. The challenge with him will be getting him to church. He studies here in Venado Tuerto, and lives in a little town about 2 hours away by bus. He lives here during the week, and goes home on weekends to visit his family. There is only one bus that goes there, and it leaves every day at 12. So, he leaves Saturday at noon and comes home Sunday night. This´ll be really tricky trying to get him to go to church. He´s a capo.

Found a less active lady last night who went less active lady who went less active when her 28 day-old baby died two years ago. I say found because she got baptized elsewhere and moved, and we contacted her house last night. It was almost 9, it was time to start heading home. But, we contacted it. She cracked the door open to see if we were robbers. She recognized us and came out. She told us her story and we shared parts of Moroni 8 and Alma 40. We´re heading back tomorrow.

Have a great week!

Elder Brown

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