Monday, July 25, 2016

Awesome week

The sister that made me a cake!

Roasting hot dogs

Elder Yaques (my trainor) is my Zone Leader and Elder Walker (an Elder I trained) are in my Zone! The generations!

The member´s here are awesome!! This week, two sister´s in the branch made me dessert´s, something that´s never happened even once before in my mission. One sister made a cake and the other just called it "postre" (dessert). It was awesome!!

Sick story (got a lot of them but not very much time). On Saturday, I woke up feeling pretty sick, and just wanted to call the mission nurse and complain and stay in all day. What made it worse, we had no set plans that day (we had recently dropped ALL our investigators because nobody was progressing and had been meeting with the missionaries for a long time). But, I asked Elder Sousa for a blessing, and he said (in the blessing) "According to your faith, be healed." And I felt great afterward! It was pretty cool, and we had a great day saturday. Miracales are real.

At 8:50 pm (still saturday), on the way back to the pensh, I felt like we should contact a certain building. This building is super rich looking and I didn´t think we would have any luck if we have to ring more than 1 doorbells. So, we looked at the various doorbells, and rang one. "Hola?" the guy said. "Hola! We´re missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ..." and before I said anything else he said "Hold on a sec", and him and his wife came downstairs, opened the door, and we had a great contact. Turns out, his brother is a recent convert and they invited us to come back! We are headed back tonight (with his brother that´s a member, of course).

Lot´s more good stuff happened this week, but, I´m outta time. ¡Que estén bien todos!

Elder Brown

Isaiah 55:8-9

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